About Us

Merzel Elektrik - Elektronik was established in 2011 in the Merzifon Industrial Zone. After a two year construction phase and installation of production equipment, it had its first product sales by the end of 2013. It boasts a 500 m2 production area, anti static flooring and 100 m2 of office space and Research and Development area. Merzel offers custom electronic design, embedded software and production. Although it specializes in range hood electronics, it has the hardware and equipment capacity to make all kinds of electronic cards upon requests from customers. Merzel looks forward to creating high quality products at low costs for their customers. Providing the best possible price without compromising quality and function is at upmost importance. Merzel looks forward to meeting the needs of their customers by keeping up to date with the fast-paced changing world and continually renewing themselves.

Production equipment

Fully automatic stencil printer (suitable for solder paste and adhesive)

Pick and place machine

               - 30K chip, 24K SOP,~11k QFP cph

Reflow oven with 8 zones

Automated inspection machine - 100% of all boards inspected

Wave Soldering Machine with dual waves - 100% Lead-free, SN100C solder

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